About us


The National Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (CNFCE) is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization. It was created in 1990, at the behest of UTICA (The Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts), in compliance with law 27/1966, of the Labor Code on professional unions, as well as the statutes and by-laws of UTICA.

CNFCE gathers women entrepreneurs and company leaders, who operate in all business sectors, who want to combine their energies, cross share their knowledge, to break the glass ceiling and want to actively contribute to the building of the Tunisian economy.

CNFCE’s Presence : CNFCE operates all over the country, it aims, first and foremost at enhancing female entrepreneurship, boosting the performance of businesses managed by women and the integration of new generations of young female entrepreneurs into the life of the organization. CNFCE is present in all 24 regions of Tunisia and through its 24 regional chambers, has more than 600 members.


CNFCE’s mission is to reinforce the role of Women Business Leaders by being their spokesperson and defending their interests vis-a-vis the public and private entities. CNFCE strongly believes in the need to foster and promote female entrepreneurship as an efficient tool for economic growth. CNFCE strives to support female entrepreneurship and facilitate its integration in the development of Tunisia.
  • Implement a culture of communication among CNFCE members.
  • Promotion and outreach efforts on the issues of women entrepreneurship, in an effort to improve qualitative knowledge of female entrepreneurship in Tunisia.
  • Capacity building of women business leaders.
  • Identify new opportunities for exports and domestic business.
  • Expand the network by recruiting new and young members.
  • Develop and strengthen relationship with fellow international organizations.