About US

The National Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs, known under the abbreviated name “CNFCE”, is a structure operating under the aegis of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry; Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA).

It was established in 1990, in accordance with Law 27/1966 of the Labor Code and the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of UTICA.

Being a horizontal structure; the CNFCE brings together women entrepreneurs in all sectors and branches of economic activity enjoying entrepreneurial skill and willing to combine their energies, cross-fertilize their skills, break their isolation and also the ambition to contribute actively and effectively to the economic and social development of the country and to adhere to all actions aimed at building the Tunisian economy and its valorization at the international level.


The CNFCE is spread throughout Tunisia. Its main objective is to promote women’s entrepreneurship, the performance of women-led enterprises and the integration of new generations of young women entrepreneurs into the life of the STRUCTURE. It is represented in the 24 governorates of Tunisia at the level of the local unions of the Tunisian employers’ organization through its 24 local structures.


The National Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs is dedicated to:

Representing women entrepreneurs in official national and international bodies.
Being the compelling voice that defends their interests with public and private bodies.
Promoting women’s entrepreneurship as a tool for promoting economic growth and a means to facilitate their integration into the development process.
Rapprochement of women entrepreneurs and their linkage.
Directing women entrepreneurs to niche sectors.


The implementation of a culture of communication between members of the CNFCE
The promotion and communication on women’s entrepreneurship and the improvement of the qualitative knowledge of female entrepreneurship in Tunisia
Strengthening the performance of women entrepreneurs
The identification of new export and trade opportunities
The development of the network by recruiting new and young members
The development of relations with counterpart international organizations

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