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October 10, 2017 – Meeting with His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria, UTICA 


The CNFCE received at the headquarters of the UTICA her Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria Mrs. Slavena Gergova, to discuss the future projects that can realize the two parts together.

The central theme was how to encourage and encourage Tunisian women to present and participate in elective bodies.

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5 October 2017 – Focus Group, UTICA


The CNFCE, with the partnership of ILO and in collaboration with the consulting office NUMU, organized a Focus Group, for some twenty of its members to represent the recommendations that emerged from the round table organized under the thematic “women entrepreneurs with potential for inspiration towards economic and political power”.

The aim of the Focus Group is to evaluate the framework conditions for the development of women’s entrepreneurship. The women entrepreneurs present participated in this evaluation by presenting their proposals in order to enrich these recommendations and to make them more correlated with their experiences.

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September 30, 2017 – STEM, “She made it”, at Esprit University


The CNFCE, in partnership with the GPP and in collaboration with the Tunisian start-up Think-it, organized the event “She made it” for the benefit of young girls students.

The purpose of this event is to encourage these students to join the STEM field and to believe in them and their academic and professional successes, and this, by presenting them with several Tunisian “success stories”.

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24 September 2017 – Relaxation day, Henchir Chouigui

The CNFCE organized a relaxing day for its members at the old farm of Philippe Séguin. A pleasant and rich day was reserved for our guests. The day was initiated by a breakfast “Bio”.

The visit was followed by a tour of the place on the tractors and a visit to the lake. To stay in the mood, a specialty lunch of the farm was offered to our dear friends.

This day was an opportunity to forge friendships between members.

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25 August 2017 – Day with FCEM President

Splendid and varied day in the program of Mrs.Marie Christine Oghly President FCEM.Visit of the Jewelry exhibition organized by the ‘Be Tounsi’ at the “Jardins de Denden”.

Lunch at the Medina at Dar Ben Gacem: we thank very much our guest of honor Mrs. Naziha Laabidi, the Minister of Women, for her support.

We thank, also, Mr.Abdessatar Amamou, storyteller of Tunisian memory, for his availability.

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August 24, 2017 – Round table, Hotel Regency Gammarth

On the occasion of the celebration of the National Women’s Day, the CNFCE in partnership with the ILO organized a round table under the theme

“Women entrepreneurs with a potential of inspiration towards economic and political power”.

This round table was enhanced by the presence of Ms. Neziha Laabidi, Minister of Women, Family and Children, Ms. Saida OUNISSI, Secretary of State for Training and Private Initiative at the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment, Mrs. Marie-Christine Oghly, President FCEM and several political and economic figures.

The objective of this meeting is to found a strategy for the implementation of actions which aim at stimulating women’s entrepreneurship, facilitating women’s access to decision-making positions and strengthening their presence in the structures of UTICA.

It was an opportunity to assess the national framework for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in order to evaluate the current situation of the women entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

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July 27, 2017 – Cooperation Day ZTM & CNFCE

As part of its activities to support companies led by women entrepreneurs, the CNFCE signed a partnership agreement with ZitounaTamkeen. This collaboration promotes the development of microenterprises led by women through the facilitation of access to micro-finance.

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TUNIS from 18 to 19 July 2017 – 2nd Course of the women entrepreneurs Academy 2nd ILO / CNFCE Training Workshop : Theme « know how to manage a meeting » Hotel Royal Resort Hammamet-Sud

As part of the second session of the women entrepreneurs Academy, CNFCE organizes, in partnership with the ILO, a training under the theme “know how to manage a meeting” provided by Mrs Olfa Khélil, coach in personal development, for the benefit of her members. About twenty members participated in this training workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to help businesswomen communicate with staff, manage, lead and succeed in a business meeting.

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July 11-12, 2017 – 2nd Course of the women entrepreneurs Academy 1st ILO / CNFCE Training Workshop : “Public Speaking” Theme Royal Resort Hotel Hammamet-Sud

As part of its partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO), the CNFCE organized training for the benefit of its members under the theme “Public Speaking” provided by Mrs. Olfa Khélil coach in personal development. About twenty members were able to benefit.

The objective of the workshop is to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs in communication, to help them prepare their interventions and to choose the language adopted. It also aims to clarify the tools, good and bad practices of the principles of interpersonal communication.

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July 7th , 2017 – Signature protocol of friendship and exchange between AFCEM / CNFCE

On the sidelines of the Tunisian-Monegasque Forum, held on July 7 at the UTICA, it was the signing of a protocol of friendship and exchange between  CNFCE and the association of businesswomen of Monaco AFCEM with the presence of official figures.

Mr Samir Majoul Vice President of UTICAMr. Michel Dotta, President of Monaco Economic BoardMr GillesTonelli, Government-Minister Advisor of External Relations and Cooperation

Long live this alliance which marks the beginning of collaboration that we want active with concrete projects.

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